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9 barrack Road, Belize City, in Belize for Regisered # 172,721

At Battle bit, we’re committed to the art of the game, which is why we always offer a huge variety of online casino slots, table games and more exciting options.Our slot games are all in full colour and have vivid animations and graphics, so you can fully immerse yourself straight off the bat. And many of our casino games are live action, so you’ll be able to watch the activity unfold on the table as it happens.While it might not be the most glamorous process, we’re also on your side when it comes to the necessary admin jobs. We accept a wide range of deposit methods, and we let you choose your deposit limit when you sign up. You’re always in control while you’re building up that winning streak.You can choose from modern deposit methods such as Skrill and PayPal to Visa, MasterCard and more